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Peter R. Johnson

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PETER R. JOHNSON, sec­ond of the chil­dren born to Swan and Kjerstin Johnson, was born October 19, 1857, in Wiby, Sweden. In 1868 he came to America with his par­ents and lived with them two years in Chicago, eight years at Bement, Illinois, then moved to the farm home near Genoa, Nebraska.

Being the eldest son, much of the work and much of the respon­si­bil­ity fell to him, and he accepted it man­fully always.

On March 31, 1885, he joined in mar­riage with Lydia B. Anderson of Genoa, Nebraska, locat­ing at Grant, Nebraska, where he engaged in bank­ing. Favorable years with good crops caused a con­sid­er­able boom in land val­ues and Peter went into it heav­ily. This was fo1lowed by drought, defla­tion and depres­sion. The bank c1osed; busi­ness was at a stand­still, so Peter left Grant and, inci­den­tally, twenty-seven quar­ter sec­tions of land that he had accumulated.

They located at St. Edward, Nebraska, where he was engaged in the gen­eral mer­chan­dise busi­ness for some time, later join­ing in the gen­eral mer­chan­dise busi­ness with his younger brother, Eric, who had pre­vi­ously located at Genoa, Nebraska. Here they oper­ated the Johnson Brothers General Store till his death which occurred at the Swedish Methodist Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, February 11, 1924, from cere­bral hem­or­rhage. He is buried in Valley View Cemetery, Genoa, Nebraska.

Six chil­dren were born to Lydia and Peter Johnson: Florence, Mrs. Gladys Pierce, Mrs. Eunice Penningroth, Mrs. Dolly Marie MacQueen, Deweese and Clifford.

Peter was an out­stand­ing cit­i­zen, liked and trusted by every­body. At dif­fer­ent times he served as mem­ber of the town board, mem­ber of the school board and sec­re­tary to the board. A good father, a true and sin­cere Christian — he was devoted to the Methodist Church in Genoa, Nebraska.

Florence mar­ried Clifford R. Wood and they reside in Glendale, California.

Eunice mar­ried Ed Penningroth and they reside in Tipton, Iowa, on a farm.

Deweese lives in Peoria, Illinois, and is affil­i­ated with the Rueling & Williams Insurance Company.

Gladys mar­ried Dan Pearse, of Genoa, and they are now liv­ing in Golden, Colorado.

Marie, lov­ingly nick­named “Doll”, mar­ried Glen MacQueen, of Silver Creek, Nebraska, and is now liv­ing in Greeley, Colorado.

Clifford, the youngest, mar­ried Julia Reddin and is now liv­ing in Cody, Wyoming, where he is in charge of the Stanolind Oil & Gas Company’s oper­a­tions and office, cov­er­ing a large territory.

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