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Minnie E. Johnson

[ 22 ]

MINNIE E. JOHNSON, eleventh child born to Swan and Kjerstin Johnson, was born February 16, 1879, at Keatskotoos, one and one-half miles east of Genoa, Nebraska.

Shortly after her birth the fam­ily moved to a farm one and one-half miles west of Genoa, Nebraska, where she grew up, attended school at Genoa, grad­u­at­ing from the Genoa High School. After grad­u­a­tion she attended Nebraska Wesleyan University at Lincoln, Nebraska. She was in her seni.r year when she went west and was offered a school in Centralia, Washington. Her Eighth Grade friend was the Superintendent of this school. She taught school for sev­eral years in Nebraska and Washington, finally going to Eugene, Oregon.

In Eugene Minnie met and was united in mar­riage with Frank Baker, an archi­tect. They build [sic] a home at Seattle, Washington, and have lived there for many years.

Three chil­dren were born to them — Elizabeth, Robert and Frances.

Elizabeth is now Mrs. Howard H. Hardy, 5712 Greenwood Ave., Seattle, Washington.

Frances is Mrs. Dan Bonnell, of 1549 Roosevelt Street, Pasedena, California.

Robert A. Baker is engaged in bank­ing in Alaska.


Minnie had a stroke April 23, 1954

Elizabeth wrote Sept 21, 1955 and told me her mother passed away — she was so shocked after los­ing Frances in February about 2 months later Elizabeth was so shocked to have lost her mother & just didn’t write us. Minnie is the last to pass away in this big won­der­ful “J.” family.

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