Ellen Johnson

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ELLEN JOHNSON, ninth of the children born to Swan and Kjerstin Johnson, was born at Bement, Illinois, on July 16, l874. At the age of four years the family moved to Nebraska, making their permanent home on a large farm one and one-half miles west of Genoa, Nebraska.

She attended school at Genoa, graduating there from the High School, taught school one year, then took a position in the Johnson Brothers General Store at Genoa, Nebraska.

On October 30, 1900, she united in marriage with John E. Young, of Genoa, Nebraska, a splendid young man, a successful businessman, a prominent citizen, loved and respected by all.

Two children were born to them, both dying in infancy.

In 1903 they took into their home Gladys Marie Johnson, four-year-old Daughter of her sister Ida and J. W. Johnson of Arlington, Nebraska (Ida having passed away at that time). They raised Gladys and educated her, sending her to Iowa State College at Ames, Iowa, after her graduation from High School at Genoa, Nebraska. She graduated in Home Economics from Ames, Iowa, taught school five years, then joined in marriage with Albert M. Hinman, of Newman Grove, Nebraska.

When Gladys was eighteen years old the Youngs adopted Fred, son of Ralph Harris and Bethene Harris, nee Johnson, and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Johnson (Bethene Harris, had just passed away). Fred is now a sophmore at Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Nebraska.

John E. Young passed away December 18, 1932, and was laid to rest in the cemetery at Genoa, Nebraska.

Ellen resides in Genoa, Nebraska.

In the fall of 1936 Ellen left Nebraska to make her home in the west. She went to Eugene, Oregon, where she lived about two years. Later she went to Los Angeles where she met Robert Follis and they were married about 1941. He was a carpenter and a soloist singing in the Evangelical Church at Inglewood Park which he had built as well as his home and much of his furniture.

Robert Follis passed away about 1951 while sitting on the davenport, evidently from a heart attack. Ellen passed away in January 1953, in Westview Sanitarium, Los Angeles. They were buried side by side.

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