Robert Graham of Fort Chiswell

[110] Robert, the other brother of David and James, Sr., who set­tled at Fort Chiswell, Wythe county, Vir­ginia, mar­ried in Ire­land (or Scot­land) Mary Craige, who bore him four sons and two daugh­ters. The names of the sons were: Samuel, John, Robert and James; the daugh­ters names being Mar­garet, who mar­ried a McGav­ock, and Nancy, who mar­ried a Crocket. After the death of Robert Graham’s first wife, he mar­ried a Miss Cowan, by whom he had three sons, David, Joseph and Calvin. From these have descended a large and influ­en­tial fam­ily, who live in Wythe, Tazewell and adjoin­ing counties.

Robert Gra­ham accu­mu­lated a large landed prop­erty, which to this day is mostly in the hands of his descen­dants. As a remark­able coin­ci­dence, it wil1 be observed that the names of five of Robert Graham’s sons are the same as five of the sons of his broth­ers, David and James. In Robert’s fam­ily, we have Samuel, John, James, David and Joseph, while in James’ fam­ily there is John, who was killed by the Indi­ans, Samuel, James and David; and David’s fam­ily, John and Joseph. These facts them­selves, if [111] other evi­dence was want­ing, prove beyond a doubt that they were brothers.

Samuel M. Gra­ham, of Gra­ham, Vir­ginia, a great grand­son of Robert Gra­ham, who set­tled at Fort Chiswell, Vir­ginia, about 1774. He claims that his great grand­fa­ther and the writer’s grand­fa­ther, James, who set­tled at Low­ell about 1771, were brothers.

As a mark of mil­i­tary tack of this fam­ily, James was made a Colonel and his son, William, a Major of Mon­roe county, and Samuel, a son of Robert, was a major in Tazewell county. And as to their math­e­mat­i­cal pro­cliv­i­ties, the Gra­hams had a strong incli­na­tion. We can trace seven sur­vey­ors and four or five very promi­nent ones of the before named family.

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