NGS 2015 – Evernote for Genealogists

I recently gave two talks on genealogy and technology at the NGS Family History Conference in St. Charles, Missouri.

One talk was Evernote for Genealogists. Here are the slides. (Please note that I wrote these in Keynote, but have to convert them to PowerPoint to publish, so there may be some conversion effects.)

A key resource for powerful searches in Evernote is this YouTube video on Evernote search syntax:

1 thought on “NGS 2015 – Evernote for Genealogists”

  1. Hello Jordan — I really enjoyed your talk in St. Charles, and our brief chat afterwards. For some reason (perhaps my browser) some of the slides are coming up black with no text. I am interested in setting up Evernote, and was interested in the structure and sub-topics you have set up for your genealogy. Your slides had some nice examples. Is there any way I could get a PDF or different version of your presentation that might be more viewable?

    Thanks for your attention.

    Frank McAlister
    NGS Member
    Chair, Genealogy Committee, Clan McAlister of America

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