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From Scotland to Virginia

The first immi­gra­tion of the Grahams to this coun­try, of which we have any account, occurred about the year 1720 to 1730, the exact date of which can­not now be known.

It is, how­ever, a mat­ter of his­tory that one Michael Graham set­tled in Paxtong Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, about the date referred to and that he was a direct descen­dant of the Earl of Montrose, who was beheaded. The descen­dants of Michael Graham after­wards set­tled in the Valley of Virginia, and became noted [16] for their schol­arly attain­ments, as well as their reli­gious zeal.

Of these, how­ever, we may speak far­ther on. It is known that at or near the same period of the com­ing of Michael to this coun­try, that other mem­bers of the same fam­ily, kith and kin, also set­tled in this coun­try, among whom were John Graham, (the writer’s great grand­fa­ther), who set­tled for a time, it is believed, in Pennsylvania and later moved to the Great Calf Pasture River in Augusta County, Virginia. It is to be regret­ted that we can­not give the exact date of the set­tle­ment on the Calf Pasture River, but con­clude that not ear­lier than the year 1740, nor later than 1745.

We find that he pur­chased a tract of six hun­dred and ninety-six acres of land in the year 1746, from John Lewis and James Patton. It will be remem­bered that John Lewis was the first set­tler in Augusta county, or rather in the ter­ri­tory which after­wards became Augusta, hav­ing planted his home in the then remote wilder­ness in the [17] year 1732, at Belle Fontaine Springs near Staunton. He was the father of General Andrew Lewis who com­manded in the famous bat­tle of Point Pleasant in 1774. John Graham (whom we will call senior), reared a fam­ily of four sons and five daugh­ters on the banks of the Calf Pasture and died there about the year 1771, born about the year 1700. His old­est son’s name was Lanty (Lancelot). The names of the other three were John, James, and Robert. His daugh­ters’ names were Jane, Elizabeth, Anne, Rebecca and Florence, who was the writer’s grand­mother on his mother’s side, she hav­ing mar­ried James Graham (her cousin).

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