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Florence Graham married

Florence Graham, daugh­ter of John Graham, Sr., was born about the year 1744, though we have not the exact date. True to the tra­di­tions of her Scottish ances­tors, she accepted a prof­fered offer for life’s com­pan­ion­ship from one of her clan, and mar­ried on the 17th day of February, 1762, her cousin, James Graham, She, with her hus­band, set­tled in the vicin­ity of her parental home on the Little Calf Pasture River and lived there some eight or ten years. The records of the Clerk’s Office of Augusta County show that James Graham owned land in that county about this time, which was dis­posed of by deed by him and his wife, Florence, a few years later. About [41] the year 1770 or pos­si­bly a lit­tle later, James Graham with his fam­ily moved to Greenbrier River and set­tled in what is now Summers County, W. Va., on the oppo­site side of the river from where the vil­lage of Lowell now stands. The house in which he lived is the same house, together with the farm now owned and occu­pied by Bunyan L. Kesler. This sub­stan­tially con­structed old log house was built nearly a cen­tury and a quar­ter ago. Its pecu­liar and strong con­struc­tion shows con­clu­sively that it was built with a view of secu­rity to its inmates from the assault of Indian foes, who less than a decade pre­vi­ous had attacked and killed a por­tion of the Graham family.

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