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Elizabeth Stodghill, nee Graham

She had to be care­fully watched and even at [99] times con­fined to pre­vent her wild, wan­der­ing nature from reassert­ing itself, but as the years passed by, her love for Indian habits and cus­toms decreased in the same pro­por­tion that her love for civ­i­liza­tion increased. She mar­ried Joel Stodghill in the year 1792 and set­tled on Hans Creek, Monroe county, and to them were born five sons and four daugh­ters. She died March 22nd, 1858. William Graham, the old­est son, mar­ried Harriet Walker and lived and died on Hans Creek. William was born November 27, 1794, and died December 5, 1850.

Rhoda S. Stodghill mar­ried William Mann. She was born February the 16th, 1795. She had one son with whom we were acquainted. His name was William. He was a den­tist by pro­fes­sion. Rhoda S. Mann died March 10th, 1878.

William Graham Stodghill had four daugh­ters and one son. His old­est daugh­ter, Clarinda, mar­ried Thomas Johnson and his widow still lives in Iowa.

Rebecca Stodghill mar­ried Caperton McNeer, [100] who lives near Linside, Monroe county, West Virginia. They have some chil­dren, names not recollected.

Nancy Stodghill mar­ried John Mann. Adaline Stodghill mar­ried a Lively. Christopher Stodghill mar­ried a Miss Swope. The three last named are dead. John Stodghill, born April 22nd, 1798, died April 2nd, 1832, unmar­ried. Flora (Florence) Stodghill, born April 17, 1801, mar­ried a Mr. Dunn; died March 25, 1878. James Stodghill, born May 12, 1803, mar­ried a Miss Johnston; died April 6, 1836. Samuel Stodghill, born October 18, 1805; died October 15, 1850; not mar­ried. Nancy Stodghill, born February 22nd, 1808, mar­ried Henry Pence November 29, 1829; raised six chil­dren, four sons and two daugh­ters. Henry Pence was born in Bath county, Virginia, June 23rd, 1800. Nancy S. Stodghill was born in Monroe county, Virginia, February 22nd, 1808; died June 26, 1880. Their children’s names are Amanda J. Pence, born September 6, 1830; Lewis A. Pence, born March [101] the 28th, 1832; John H. Pence, born December 18th, 1834; William W. Pence, born October 11th, 1837; Andrew P. Pence, born January the 12th, 1840; Harriet E. Pence, born, October 27th, 1844; Elizabeth Stodghill, born September 24th, 1810; died in infancy; Joel Stodghill, Jr., born November 23rd, 1812. He mar­ried a McGee.

We are indebted for the above age and death record to Mrs. J. P. Shanklin. Here is what Mrs. Shanklin says: “This was copi.ed from the Stodghill Bible by Ellen (McNeer) Shanklin, a great grand­daugh­ter of Joel and Elizabeth (Graham) Stodghill. Joel Stodghill, Sr., was born about the year 1765 and died October 4, 1844. Amanda J. Pence and Richard T. McNeer were mar­ried February 28, 1848, by Rev. Gilbert. Their children’s names are: Henry P. McNeer; mar­ried E. C. Hunter of Monroe county, West Virginia; Ellen V. McNeer; mar­ried John P. Shanklin of Monroe county, West Virginia; Virginia C. McNeer mar­ried Dr. C. W. Spangler of Monroe county, West Vi.rginia; Harriet E. McNeer [102] mar­ried Theo. Dulaney, Monroe county, West Virginia; Florence May McNeer mar­ried Dr. G. A. Flournoy of Louisiana for her first hus­band and W. M. Jennings of Virginia for her sec­ond hus­band; Dr. Hedly V. McNeer mar­ried Minnie Wattsgaver of Virginia and is a prac­tic­ing physi­cian at Bramwell, West Virginia; R. E. Lee McNeer, lawyer, of Union, West Virginia; Lewis C. McNeer who owns and lives at the old home farm of R. T. McNeer near Salt Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and Dr. Richard L. McNeer of Baltimore.

Lewis A. Pence, born March 28, 1832, mar­ried Mary J. Neel. They were mar­ried December 8th, 1858, by Rev. R. B. Rose. Four chil­dren were born to them, viz: Horatio, Minnie, Nannie and Dewey. Dewey mar­ried Ella Arnott; Minnie mar­ried Dr. Jim Boone, both of Monroe county, West Virginia.

W. W. Pence has four chil­dren. Kate S. Pence, his old­est child, mar­ried Ashby Johnson and lives in Alderson. James R. Pence mar­ried [103] Miss Ethel Thomas of Lewisburg and lives at the old Pence home on Indian creek. Alice B. and Harriett W. Pence are at home with their mother. W. W. Pence and Sarah J. Shanklin were mar­ried December 12th, 1867 by the Rev. M. H. Bittenger. John H. Pence and Jennie Campbell were mar­ried January the 8th, 1863 by Rev. M. H. Bittenger. Their children’s names (all sin­gle) are: Millard, Minnie, Fint, William, Walter, George and Nannie. Harriett E. Pence and H. J. Farrier were mar­ried February 23, 1863 by the Rev. M. H. Bittenger. They have four chil­dren, viz: Henry, Mart, Nannie and Frank. Henry mar­ried Minnie Porterfield. Mart mar­ried a Miss Foote. Nannie mar­ried Kelley Groseclose. Frank is at home with his mother near Newport, Giles county, Virginia. A. P. Pence and Sallie A. Lewis were mar­ried November 30th, 1871 by the Rev. M. H. Bittenger. Their children’s names are: Dick, Bessie, Silas H., George L. and Nellie. A. P. Pence lives at Buffalo Springs, Summers county, West Virginia.

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