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Civil jurisdiction of Lowell

[104] There is an inci­dent in regard to the civil juris­dic­tion of the vicin­ity of Lowell. It has been under the juris­dic­tion of seven county author­i­ties, viz: The county of Augusta included Lowell from 1745 till 1770. Then Bottetourt county included Lowell till 1772. Fincastle county included Lowell till 1776. Fincastle county was abol­ished and its ter­ri­tory divided into three coun­ties, viz: Montgomery, Washington and Kentucky. The county of Kentucky included the present state of Kentucky. In 1780 Greenbrier county was orga­nized, which included Lowell. In 1799 Monroe county included Lowell. In 1863 West Virginia included Lowell and in 1872 Summers county included Lowell. So we see that Lowell, Summers county, West Virginia, has been in Augusta, Bottetourt, Fincastle, Montgomery, Greenbrier, Monroe and Summers coun­ties and two states, viz: Virginia and West Virginia.

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