Anne, daughter of John Graham, Sr.

Anna, daugh­ter of John Gra­ham, Sr., mar­ried John Kinkead (now writ­ten Kin­caid) and moved to Anthony’s Creek in Green­brier county. At what date they located in Green­brier we do not know, but believe it must have been in the early set­tle­ment of that county. Of their chil­dren, we can only recall any knowl­edge of but three: these the writer per­son­ally knew. There were doubt­less oth­ers, but we do not remem­ber to have seen or heard of them. The names of the three known to us were Mathew, Lanty and Bet­sey (Elizabeth).

Mathew mar­ried Miss Eliz­a­beth Scott of Green­brier county and Lanty also mar­ried a Scott, sis­ter to Mathew’s wife. Eliz­a­beth mar­ried for her first hus­band a Mr. Hop­kins and, after his death, mar­ried a Clark. To the first union was born one child, whose name I do not recall, and to the [26] sec­ond hus­band were born other chil­dren, one of whom, Eliz­a­beth, mar­ried Mathew Lowe, father of John and Granville Lowe, who are now liv­ing and pros­per­ous farm­ers in this county.*

Mathew Lowe had three daugh­ters — the writer rec­ol­lects Eliza A., who mar­ried Mr. Ander­son Wheeler for her first hus­band. They had sev­eral chil­dren: J. C. Wheeler, Robert Wheeler and Mrs. Wad­dle, that we knew.

Mrs. Eliza A. Wheeler mar­ried for her sec­ond hus­band Mr. Sylvester Upton of this county, who stood promi­nent in his day with the peo­ple. He was elected to the Leg­is­la­ture of West Vir­ginia some twenty years ago.

Another daugh­ter of Mrs. Lowe’s, Agnes, mar­ried Mr. Peter Wyant and lives at the West end of the Big-Bend Tun­nel. Another daugh­ter, Rebecca, mar­ried Jor­dan Grim­mett. Two of their sons are promi­nent school teach­ers; they live at Buck post office, this county.

    * When ref­er­ence is made in these pages to “this county”, Sum­mers county, West Vir­ginia, is meant. back

[27] Another daugh­ter of Eliz­a­beth Clark mar­ried a Mr. Henry Smith, father of the late Lewis A. Smith, who lived and died near For­est Hill, this county, sev­eral of whose chil­dren are now liv­ing, namely: Lewis Smith, William Smith, Mrs. Henry Schultz and Mrs. Lewis Meadows.

Mathew Kin­caid reared a large fam­ily of nine daugh­ters and one son. From the year 1836 to the time of his death in 1860, he lived at the Mouth of Hungart’s Creek, near Tal­cott, on what is known as the Wood­son farm, it being the same farm on which the vil­lage of Tal­cott now stands. The names of his chil­dren are as fol­lows: Katy, Ann Gra­ham, Jane, Lanty Gra­ham, Sarah, Flo­rence Gra­ham, Nancy, Rebecca, Eliz­a­beth and Susan. Katy mar­ried and located on Horse Shoe Creek in Fayette county.

Jane mar­ried Moses Hedrick, father of Wm. C. Hedrick, now deputy sher­iff, and Geo. W. Hedrick, late mem­ber of the county court and John and Mathew Hedrick of this county. They also had three daugh­ters, Eliz­a­beth, who [28] died unmar­ried at the age of 18. Mary Ann, who mar­ried William Wyant and lives near Pis­gah, and Susan, who mar­ried John Allen (son of Nathaniel Allen) and now lives in Mer­cer county.

Moses Hedrick lived for a num­ber of years on Hungart’s Creek and later near Pis­gah church where both he and his wife died within a short time of each other some three years ago.

Flo­rence Gra­ham Kin­caid mar­ried Isaac Tincher and, after his death, mar­ried for her sec­ond hus­band Thomas Hol­stein, who, together with his wife, live near Pis­gah church in this county. She has liv­ing two sons, Grandeur and George Hol­stein, both of whom occupy impor­tant posi­tions with the C. & O. R. R. Co., the lat­ter being one of the company’s most trusted engi­neers. Flo­rence is one of the two of Mathew Kincaid’s fam­ily who is still liv­ing.
Lanty Gra­ham Kin­caid mar­ried Eliza Keller, sis­ter of George Keller, who now lives on the old Keller farm at Low­ell. Lanty moved to Illi­nois soon after the Civil War and died there some years [29] later. of his fam­ily lit­tle is known by the writer, except his old­est son, William, mar­ried Emma, daugh­ter of the late Col. Wil­son Lively of Mon­roe county, whose widow and fam­ily lived since the Civil War at Low­ell on the old Gra­ham home­stead, of which men­tion will here­after be made. William Kin­caid and fam­ily are, as we under­stand, now liv­ing in Oregon.

Nancy and Susan mar­ried broth­ers, Richard and Grif­fith Mead­ows, both of whom have chil­dren now living.

Rebecca mar­ried Henry Karnes of Mer­cer county and still has chil­dren liv­ing in that county.

Sarah Kin­caid mar­ried Samuel Humphreys and lived for a time on the land now occu­pied by a por­tion of the town of Tal­cott. Later he moved to Cen­ter­ville (now Greenville), Mon­roe county, where his wife died some years later.

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