Where in the World: Technical Tools for Locating a Place

Despite an expand­ing wealth of online resources, geneal­o­gists will always need to “hit the road.” In addi­tion to vis­it­ing local repos­i­to­ries, court houses, and libraries where unique and “not-yet-online” resources are avail­able, geneal­o­gists want to visit old farms, churches, and ceme­ter­ies. They want to see the home places of their ances­tors. They want to feel the wind on the prairie of Nebraska or see the snow fall on a New Hampshire field.

Through the use of some handy soft­ware and hard­ware tools, the tra­di­tion of the geneal­ogy trip is becom­ing eas­ier to man­age and eas­ier to accomplish.

The key to a suc­cess­ful jour­ney, whether it’s a genealog­i­cal research trip or a vaca­tion to the islands, is plan­ning. You want to pack the right stuff, get the tick­ets, and arrange for pet sit­ting. More specif­i­cally for a geneal­ogy trip, in addi­tion to your research plan, you want to know how to find the old home­stead, the repos­i­to­ries, and the ceme­ter­ies. In other words, you want to place your fam­ily his­tory locales on a con­tem­po­rary map.

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