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Marcom Family Cemetery

I vis­ited the Marcom Family Cemetery in Morrisville, North Carolina today.

The Marcom Family Cemetery is on the cam­pus of Cisco Systems, Inc., near the bas­ket­ball court by Building 1, right off the inter­sec­tion of Davis Drive and Kit Creek Road in Morrisville.

It’s a small, pri­vate ceme­tery that the for­mer own­ers of the land had on their farm, and under the North Carolina ceme­tery laws, had to be pre­served, or a pro­tracted legal process would ensue. What I have heard is that Cisco Systems agreed to stip­u­late that the ceme­tery would not be dis­turbed when they pur­chased the land.

Aside from the strange loca­tion, which jux­ta­poses a high-tech com­pany that touts effi­ciency and speed in its prod­ucts, and a grave­yard, where no one is going any­where, what inter­ested me here were that most of the graves sim­ply had the name of the deceased, with­out dates or any other per­sonal infor­ma­tion. This kind of thing may have been done to save money, and can some­times pro­vide a poten­tial cor­rob­o­ra­tion of a lower finan­cial sta­tion for a family.

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