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IGHR (Samford) — Day 3 — O! the Fatal Stamp!

O! the fatal Stamp

Today’s IGHR course in Virginia geneal­ogy got to the heart of the mat­ter: Westward migra­tion and Virginia (and Virginians) in the Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.

It felt like we were cram­ming a week’s worth of instruc­tion into each 75-minute seg­ment. And, indeed, there are a lot of events and a lot of records to cover.

A cou­ple of standouts:

I had known that George Washington started the French and Indian Wars by allow­ing his troops to kill a French diplo­mat, then admit­ting cul­pa­bil­ity for the event in a French doc­u­ment he signed even though he could not read French.

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