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IGHR (Samford) — Day 5 — Inheritance, Maps, and The Biography of Job

The Biography of Job

In the Virginia class today, Barbara Vines Little took us through a cou­ple of exam­ples where small nuances in the law of inher­i­tance could help us sort through pos­si­ble rela­tion­ships in land records.

She also walked us through a vast array of map resources for Virginia. I will write a sep­a­rate arti­cle about those.

After the class, I headed to the Samford Library Special Collections to see what else I could find out about Job, the African-American preacher.

I looked in the first box of mate­ri­als about the his­tory of the Canaan Baptist Church by Simon J. Smith. It was not in this box, though the acces­sion records said that it would be. Thankfully, Elizabeth Wells, the Special Collections Librarian, was able to locate the “Biography of Job” men­tioned in the acces­sion book.

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