A Marriage Certificate from 1924 Leads to a Birth Record from 1864

Baptismal Record of Alvin Leslie Hill, 1864A while back, I cre­ated a Vital Records Checklist to cat­a­log all the obvi­ous records I had, and the ones I needed, to flesh out the most rudi­men­tary data, the births, mar­riages, and deaths of my ancestors.

This led to my send­ing out a request to the Clerk of the Valley County, Nebraska Court (http://www.co.valley.ne.us/clerk.html) has sent my the mar­riage cer­tifi­cate for my grand­par­ents, Helen Kjerstine JOHNSON and Ernest Melvin HILL.

The doc­u­ment con­firms the rela­tion­ship of Ernest Melvin HILL with Mary Jane SCOTT (his mother) and Alvin Leslie HILL (his father), and out­side of cen­sus records, is the ear­li­est doc­u­ment I have found that does this. (My grand­fa­ther was born in 1895, which was prior to birth reg­is­tra­tion in Nebraska, and he died in 1933, before Social Security Registration required folks to get delayed birth certificates.

Witnesses at the wed­ding included Helen’s mater­nal uncle, “W. B. Gregg” (William Blakeway GREGG) and Ernest’s brother Alfred L. HILL.

It’s curi­ous to me if there was a rea­son that none of the three liv­ing par­ents of the cou­ple (Nels JOHNSON, father of Helen, and Mary Jane and Alvin) were listed as wit­nesses. Of course, the form only asks for two wit­nesses. And these were an older cou­ple (Helen was 30 and Ernest 29) at their first mar­riage, but one wonders.

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