US Census Bureau – Data Access Tools

US Census Bureau Data Access Tools

The United States Census Bureau has a page outlining its data access tools. While the data being made available is statistical data, not personally identifiable genealogical data, it should be of interest to genealogists to understand trends and the population trends and geography of the United States.

The site provides large datasets for analysis, but also allows you to navigate into population demographics for any county, state, or municipality in the United States.

Here are some of the resources available on the page:

  • Censtats – Applications available include: Census Tract Street Locator, County Business Patterns, Zip Business Patterns, International Trade Data, and more.
  • QuickFacts – State and County QuickFacts provides frequently requested Census Bureau information at the national, state, county, and city level.
  • Online Mapping Tools – using TIGER and the American FactFinder
  • US Gazetteer – Place name, and ZIP code search engine.

I am looking forward to having the opportunity to look at these resources.