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Dead Men Don’t Win Cribbage Tournaments

In going through fam­ily heir­looms, great and small, we came across a small tro­phy in the form of a cup.

O. F. D. / Cribbage Trophy / Won By / Hill & Hallen”

I am not sure who the win­ners are, or what the year was, but my mother told me, years ago, that this was won by her father, Ernie Hill, and his buddy Hallen. My guess is that “O. F. D.” is the Ord Fire Department in my mother’s home town of Ord, Nebraska.

The only way to find out more about this is to search the Ord Quiz, and pos­si­bly other local papers work­ing back­wards from Ernie Hill’s death in 1933. I know he didn’t win it after 1933, as dead men don’t win crib­bage tournaments.

Will I find out much? Possibly not. Will I find out any­thing? Probably so.

It is all part of the “rea­son­ably exhaus­tive search.” When one finds a clue, one must fol­low it where it leads.

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