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Arkiv Digital: Free Weekend


ArkivDigital, the pre­mier inde­pen­dent subscription-based genealog­i­cal research web­site in Sweden, will be free this week­end in cel­e­bra­tion of Sweden’s “Genealogy Research Day” (March 19th).

The site boasts 26 mil­lion records online in color. I have writ­ten about the site pre­vi­ously (“Review: Genline vs. Arkiv Digital”). The site is con­tin­u­ing to improve, and there is a beta ver­sion of a new English ArkivDigital appli­ca­tion. (The Java-based appli­ca­tion runs on your desk­top and helps you find and nav­i­gate through images on ArchivDigital’s website.)

While most of the doc­u­ments in the Swedish church records that make up the bulk of the ArkivDigital col­lec­tion are not as col­or­ful as the exam­ple above, I was sur­prised at how much eas­ier it is to read hand­writ­ten images in color than it is in black and white. It prob­a­bly has to do with the paper in grayscale not pro­vid­ing the same con­trast to the let­ter­ing as one sees in the the sepia-toned color images on ArkivDigital.

I highly rec­om­mend the site, and since you can use it free this week­end, you can deter­mine if it’s some­thing you want to sub­scribe to or not.

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