WDYTYA Episode 204: Kim Cattrall

I have been traveling, and only today got a chance to see the Kim Cattrall episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, or at least the last 45 minutes of it.

In this episode, Ms. Cattrall, with the help of genealogists in the United Kingdom, runs down her missing grandfather. He had abandoned her grandmother, mother, and two aunts some 70 years ago.

If anything the shows are getting more and more engaging. This episode was less about the documents and more about what must have been going on in the star’s bigamist grandfather’s head.

You can see why the show has been renewed for another season. This is engaging television. While, as a genealogist, I could quibble that most stories are not this heart-wrenching, nor do they involve this much deception, I simply cannot deny that this is popcorn-munching entertainment, designed to keep people coming back for more.