More Technology News for Genealogists


Earlier this week, Apple announced a new subscription payment model for the iPad.

Google responded yesterday with a much more flexible subscription model using Google Checkout (a PayPal competitor), and providing 10% in revenue for Google (in comparison with Apple’s 30%). Google does not require that the in-app purchase price be at least as inexpensive as any other web offering of the product. It’s a more open program, and hopefully will gain traction and help foster a more sustainable sales model for content providers.

Until and unless other models come along, expect to see genealogical content providers, as they move into the tablet space, to opt for the Google pricing model, which will better align with their operating profit margins.


SlideShare is a site that allows you to upload PowerPoint-style slides to share with others. (I post all my slides at SlideShare: This week they announced a free 1-click conferencing product, Zipcast. I have not tried it, but it looks interesting, as most conferencing systems that share slides require that the slides be uploaded in real time, as images of from the person sharing the slides. Zipcast might be faster, because the slides will not need to be uploaded during the meeting, and will already be optimized for web viewing at SlideShare.

Don’t be surprised if your next genealogy meeting does not happen in person, but instead over SlideShare’s Zipcast.