Surname Saturday: Via

George A. Via
George A. Via, My 4th Great Grandfather

The Via surname is one of my more unique surnames. Since I regularly research Smith, Jones, Johnson, Miller, Hill, and Graham, it’s good to have the occasional rare surname. My Vias descend through Micajah Via, Sr. (circa 1742 – circa 1810) and Phillipi Burnett, and their son Jonathan Via, Sr. and his wife Catherine O’Buck (or O’Bock).

George Allen Via, the son of Jonathan Sr. and Catherine O’Buck Via, was my 4th great grandfather. He and his wife Mary Elizabeth Lane (married 2 Dec 1839) had a dozen or so children (I’m still working out that generation). Two of their sons Thomas David Via and John Robert Via, served in the Confederate army. John was in Company A (2nd Company), 12th Batallion, Virginia Light Artillery Regiment (along with 6 other Vias).

Thomas (who is my 3rd great grandfather) first served in Company ‘I,’ 7th Regiment Virginia Volunteers (along with two other Via), but after being captured at Gettysburg,and imprisoned at Point Lookout Prison, he joined the 1st US Volunteer Infantry, likely as a matter of survival. (This means he was a Galvanized Yankee, which I will write more about in another post.)

Most of the Via’s that I have come across in the US descend from Amer Via, a Huguenot immigrant to Virginia in about 1680. Alternate spellings of Via include Vier/Viers, Viar/Viars and Viet.

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Mary E. Lane Via (1820-1893)
George A. Via (1814-1894)

Magazine and Newspaper Articles
Micajah Via, petiton on paper money, 1788
Betty Via on her students as critics, 1953
Dan O. Via, Sr., 50th anniversary, 1968
Daniel Via, 20th anniversary, 1974
Dan O. Via, Jr. play about Jesus, 1982
Margaret B. Via ordination, 1982
Via family saved by their dog article 1, 1986
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Birth Records
Floyd County, VA, 1853-1896
Franklin County, VA, 1852-1870
Hanover County, VA, 1853-1893

Land Records
Deed: James and Rosina Ingrum to Anderson Via, 1848
Deed: James and Mary Via to David McAlexander, 1848
Deed: Robert and Elizabeth Via to James Dodson, 1849

Tax Records
Vias in the Albemarle County, Virginia Land Tax Records, 1782-1813
Vias in the Albemarle County, Virginia Land Tax Records, 1814-1825
Vias in the Floyd County, Virginia Land Tax Records, 1831-1850
Vias in the Hanover County, Virginia Land Tax Records, 1782-1857
Vias in the Nelson County Personal Property Tax, 1809-1850

Military Records
Thomas David Via’s pension papers (HTML | PDF)

Marriage Bonds & Certificates
Jonathan Via and Catherine O’Buck, 1801

Death Records
Augusta County, VA, 1853-1896
Floyd County, VA, 1853-1896
Fluvanna County, VA, 1853-1896
Franklin County, VA, 1853-1896

Jonathan Via, Sr., 1858
Jonathan Via, Jr., 1888

Thomas D. and Sallie E. Via
Mary Via

Obituary of Sallie Thomas Via, 1911
Obituary of Thomas David Via, 1913
Obituary of William Martin Via, 1937
Obituary of Willie Catherine Elizabeth Via, 1937
Obituary of Betty Via, 1993

Gedcoms and Other Compiled Research
Jordan Jones’s Gedcom of Vias
Jordan Jones’s Genealogy Database List of Vias