Surname Saturday: Via

George A. Via
George A. Via, My 4th Great Grandfather

The Via sur­name is one of my more unique sur­names. Since I reg­u­larly research Smith, Jones, John­son, Miller, Hill, and Gra­ham, it’s good to have the occa­sional rare sur­name. My Vias descend through Mica­jah Via, Sr. (circa 1742 — circa 1810) and Phillipi Bur­nett, and their son Jonathan Via, Sr. and his wife Cather­ine O’Buck (or O’Bock).

George Allen Via, the son of Jonathan Sr. and Cather­ine O’Buck Via, was my 4th great grand­fa­ther. He and his wife Mary Eliz­a­beth Lane (mar­ried 2 Dec 1839) had a dozen or so chil­dren (I’m still work­ing out that gen­er­a­tion). Two of their sons Thomas David Via and John Robert Via, served in the Con­fed­er­ate army. John was in Com­pany A (2nd Com­pany), 12th Batal­lion, Vir­ginia Light Artillery Reg­i­ment (along with 6 other Vias).

Thomas (who is my 3rd great grand­fa­ther) first served in Com­pany ‘I,’ 7th Reg­i­ment Vir­ginia Vol­un­teers (along with two other Via), but after being cap­tured at Gettysburg,and impris­oned at Point Look­out Prison, he joined the 1st US Vol­un­teer Infantry, likely as a mat­ter of sur­vival. (This means he was a Gal­va­nized Yan­kee, which I will write more about in another post.)

Most of the Via’s that I have come across in the US descend from Amer Via, a Huguenot immi­grant to Vir­ginia in about 1680. Alter­nate spellings of Via include Vier/Viers, Viar/Viars and Viet.

A cou­ple of forums for the Via sur­name exist:

Here are some items I will be post­ing, as I get a chance, on this site. As I post them, I will come back to this page and link into them.

Mary E. Lane Via (1820−1893)
George A. Via (1814−1894)

Mag­a­zine and News­pa­per Arti­cles
Mica­jah Via, peti­ton on paper money, 1788
Betty Via on her stu­dents as crit­ics, 1953
Dan O. Via, Sr., 50th anniver­sary, 1968
Daniel Via, 20th anniver­sary, 1974
Dan O. Via, Jr. play about Jesus, 1982
Mar­garet B. Via ordi­na­tion, 1982
Via fam­ily saved by their dog arti­cle 1, 1986
Via fam­ily saved by their dog arti­cle 2, 1986

Birth Records
Floyd County, VA, 1853–1896
Franklin County, VA, 1852–1870
Hanover County, VA, 1853–1893

Land Records
Deed: James and Rosina Ingrum to Ander­son Via, 1848
Deed: James and Mary Via to David McAlexan­der, 1848
Deed: Robert and Eliz­a­beth Via to James Dod­son, 1849

Tax Records
Vias in the Albe­marle County, Vir­ginia Land Tax Records, 1782–1813
Vias in the Albe­marle County, Vir­ginia Land Tax Records, 1814–1825
Vias in the Floyd County, Vir­ginia Land Tax Records, 1831–1850
Vias in the Hanover County, Vir­ginia Land Tax Records, 1782–1857
Vias in the Nel­son County Per­sonal Prop­erty Tax, 1809–1850

Mil­i­tary Records
Thomas David Via’s pen­sion papers (HTMLPDF)

Mar­riage Bonds & Cer­tifi­cates
Jonathan Via and Cather­ine O’Buck, 1801

Death Records
Augusta County, VA, 1853–1896
Floyd County, VA, 1853–1896
Flu­vanna County, VA, 1853–1896
Franklin County, VA, 1853–1896

Jonathan Via, Sr., 1858
Jonathan Via, Jr., 1888

Thomas D. and Sal­lie E. Via
Mary Via

Obit­u­ary of Sal­lie Thomas Via, 1911
Obit­u­ary of Thomas David Via, 1913
Obit­u­ary of William Mar­tin Via, 1937
Obit­u­ary of Willie Cather­ine Eliz­a­beth Via, 1937
Obit­u­ary of Betty Via, 1993

Ged­coms and Other Com­piled Research
Jor­dan Jones’s Ged­com of Vias
Jor­dan Jones’s Geneal­ogy Data­base List of Vias

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