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NARA: Korean War-era Command Reports

I men­tioned the fire National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri (Wikipedia | NARA) in a recent post, eVe­tRecs — Requesting a DD 214 Online.

Today, in NARAtions, the National Archives blog, an arti­cle appeared about alter­na­tive records for Korean War era vet­er­ans. The entry, Family Tree Friday: Korean War-era Command Reports, describes “Record Group 407, Records of the Adjutant General’s Office, 1917-, par­tic­u­larly … ‘Army-AG Command Reports, 1949–1954′ (ARC ID 596354)” as pro­vid­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for genealog­i­cal research. The piece describes this col­lec­tion within RG 407 like this:

the Command Reports include his­tor­i­cal reports, oper­a­tions jour­nals, staff stud­ies, and other doc­u­ments pro­duced by Army com­mands, staffs, and units dur­ing the Korean War era. Of even more use, within this series there are more than 25,00A0 file unit items .…

The entry for the main series (ARC ID 596354) in ARC – the Archival Research Catalog — con­tains file unit descrip­tions. There is also a unit-searchable data­base and an “Index to Command Reports, 1949–1954″ (ARC ID 596349).

In my case, I will want to look up my uncle Walter “Walt” Calvin Jones (1929–1959), who served as a Private First Class in the US Army in the Korean War, and came back to serve in the Honor Guard at the White House.

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