Completed Transcription: History of Swan Johnson Family

I have posted a complete transcription of Lena Johnson Schlitemeier’s “History of Swan Johnson Family of Nance County, Nebraska (January 1936).”

The book exists only in the form of a typed MSS in the hands of the family. There are at least two versions; the transcription is of the most complete version, which was given to me and my mother by the author’s son in 1997 as we visited his farm is Nehawka, Nebraska.

Swan Johnson (born Sven Jönsson in Valby, Kristianstad, Sweden in 1826) married Kjerstin Wescelius in 1853. They had six children in Sweden, and then, in 1868, with the youngest child less than 6 months of age, they emigrated to the United States. They lived first in Chicago, Illinois, later on a farm in Bement, Piatt County, Illinois, and finally crossing the prairie to farm in Keatskotoos and Genoa, Nance County, Nebraska. This book tells a quite detailed story of three generations of this family. The author was the eldest child of the eldest child of Swan and Kjerstin Johnson. Lena Johnson attended Nebraska Wesleyan and the University of Chicago, receiving a Ph.B. in Education from the University of Chicago and an A.B. from Nebraska Wesleyan. She writes well and clearly, and though the document is not sourced, most of what I have been able to validate has been surprisingly accurate.