Evernote: There’s a Trunk for That

Evernote, the note-taking and “elephant-memory” website has added a feature they call The Trunk. Behind the Trunk link at the Evernote website is a a list of tools and vendors that work with Evernote.

Evernote sports desktop applications for the Mac and for PCs. Additionally, when you install the Mac or PC version, you automatically get clippers for Safari and Internet Exporer, respectively. Other browser extensions include:

But The Trunk goes way beyond simply standard browser plugins and desktop apps. The Trunk includes links to mobile apps (Seesmic for iPhone and Android, apps for note taking, and many others), hardware (scanners, wireless SD photo cards), and gear (t-shirts, books, actual physical notebooks).

Finally, and perhaps most interesting and new for the Evernote team is something called “Notebooks,” which are shared sets of Evernote content, which function like a magazine inside your free or paid Evernote accounts.

The Trunk is a great way to find out What Works with Evernote, but it would be nice for these applications to be tagged, so you could quickly get to applications that worked on particular platforms (iPad, Android, Windows) or server particular purposes (scanning, OCR, handwritten input).

Unfortunately, there is nothing specifically for genealogists, however the ability to clean up photos of documents (DocuScanner) run them through OCR and send them to Evernote would be great in a library setting. Additionally, it would be handy to have an Eye-Fi SD card, which can send images from your camera over a wireless network to your Evernote account.

Evernote is a powerful product, and the ecosystem that is building integrations to it continues to alert people to the utility of this product.