Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July, and that they spent some of the day honoring those who came before and made our freedoms possible.

I am thinking especially of a set of military brothers tonight:

  • Victor O. Johnson (1 January 1872 – 5 Jan 1915) – Volunteer, Spanish-American War)
  • William Johnson (30 Jan 1870 – 22 Aug 1942) – Volunteer, Spanish-American War)

Victor had just passed the Nebraska Bar, after graduating from the University of Chicago with honors and the University of Nebraska Law School, and he had just gotten married, when he joined up to serve in the Spanish-American war. He was being sent to Cuba, but contracted typhoid fever, and was sent home. His health never fully recovered.

These were the kind of men whose dedication has served this country well.