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IGHR (Samford) — Day 4 — Migration, Platting, & Blacks in Antebellum Churches

The fourth, and penul­ti­mate, day at Samford is always bit­ter­sweet. It’s the last full day, and is capped with the banquet.

In the Virginia class, Barbara Vines Little talked about land tax records and migra­tion trails and set­tle­ment clus­ters. We also had a mini-course on land plat­ting and Deed Mapper from Vic Dunn. The last lec­ture of the day was on “Finding the Answers in Virginia’s Neighbors Records,” dri­ving home a point that has been made con­sis­tently this week: The record may be a place you don’t expect it to be. The bride and groom in Virginia may go to Maryland to get mar­ried, per­haps because the laws make it eas­ier to accom­plish there at that time, or per­haps because they are Catholic, and there are so few Catholic parishes in Virginia.

After the class I went to the Samford University Library, Special Collections room and pulled a folder from the Baptist records.

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