Marcom Family Cemetery

I visited the Marcom Family Cemetery in Morrisville, North Carolina today.

The Marcom Family Cemetery is on the campus of Cisco Systems, Inc., near the basketball court by Building 1, right off the intersection of Davis Drive and Kit Creek Road in Morrisville.

It’s a small, private cemetery that the former owners of the land had on their farm, and under the North Carolina cemetery laws, had to be preserved, or a protracted legal process would ensue. What I have heard is that Cisco Systems agreed to stipulate that the cemetery would not be disturbed when they purchased the land.

Aside from the strange location, which juxtaposes a high-tech company that touts efficiency and speed in its products, and a graveyard, where no one is going anywhere, what interested me here were that most of the graves simply had the name of the deceased, without dates or any other personal information. This kind of thing may have been done to save money, and can sometimes provide a potential corroboration of a lower financial station for a family.

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“Jennie Marcom
Wife of
G. P. Roberts
Aug. 31, 1859
Sept. 26, 1925

Tho lost to sight to
Memory dear”

“Bennon Roberts
Asleep in Jesus”







“Elena R. Marcom
June 20, 1865
Sept. 24, 1943

Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep
while friends in sorrow o’er thee weep.”

“James G. Marcom
Mar. 17, 1862
Dec. 14, 1928

Rest father rest in quiet sleep
While friends in sorry o’er thee weep.”


B. H. Marcom
Aug. 31, 1837
Aug. 27, 1922

Prepare to meet me in

Cornelia Ann
Mar. 20, 1838
Aug. 20, 1903

Let our Father’s will be