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Ver­sion 8.0 of TNG, The Next Gen­er­a­tion of Geneal­ogy Site Build­ing looks to be a major improve­ment in speed, usabil­ity, and design.

In case you do not know about it, the TNG pro­gram is a PHP/MySQL–based geneal­ogy data­base that allows you to build advanced web inter­ac­tion for your genealog­i­cal data sim­ply by upload­ing a GEDCOM file. You can also edit items right inside your web­site, or share author­ing with other researchers.The infor­ma­tion sits in an industry-standard open source data­base, where you

I had been con­cerned about inte­grat­ing it with the Word­Press blog, because the TNG plug-in had been slow to load. Now, the whole appli­ca­tion, even within the con­text of Word­Press, seems speedy. The graph­ics sim­ply look bet­ter, and the graph­i­cal pre­view (where you can quickly get a bet­ter view of the graph­ics) is snappy.

The pro­gram is very handy. Since it runs on a server, I have my research with me every­where I have a web browser. I am also exper­i­ment­ing with using this as my main repos­i­tory of genealog­i­cal data. The speed and look of this ver­sion may help con­vince me. I already know that it’s easy to use, main­tain, backup, and con­fig­ure. The data is mine, and does not reside some­where else (say on rootsweb). I have been a devoted user of The Mas­ter Geneal­o­gist, but I see the porta­bil­ity of TNG, as well as its con­fig­ura­bil­ity. (Even the data­base schema can be mod­i­fied.) Unlike TMG, The Next Gen­er­a­tion gives me my data­base where ever I can get on the web, which is pretty much any­where these days.

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