TNG v8.0

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Version 8.0 of TNG, The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building looks to be a major improvement in speed, usability, and design.

In case you do not know about it, the TNG program is a PHP/MySQL-based genealogy database that allows you to build advanced web interaction for your genealogical data simply by uploading a GEDCOM file. You can also edit items right inside your website, or share authoring with other researchers.The information sits in an industry-standard open source database, where you

I had been concerned about integrating it with the WordPress blog, because the TNG plug-in had been slow to load. Now, the whole application, even within the context of WordPress, seems speedy. The graphics simply look better, and the graphical preview (where you can quickly get a better view of the graphics) is snappy.

The program is very handy. Since it runs on a server, I have my research with me everywhere I have a web browser. I am also experimenting with using this as my main repository of genealogical data. The speed and look of this version may help convince me. I already know that it’s easy to use, maintain, backup, and configure. The data is mine, and does not reside somewhere else (say on rootsweb). I have been a devoted user of The Master Genealogist, but I see the portability of TNG, as well as its configurability. (Even the database schema can be modified.) Unlike TMG, The Next Generation gives me my database where ever I can get on the web, which is pretty much anywhere these days.

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