Completed Transcription: “History of the Graham Family” by David Graham (1899)

I have completed posting the text of David Graham’s History of the Graham Family (privately printed: Clayton, West Virginia, 1899).

Tonight, I posted the last 99 pages of the 119-page volume. I will do some additional proofreading, and improve the navigation, but the full text is available now.

The book details the history of the Graham family in Augusta County, Virginia and Greenbrier County, Monroe County, and Summers County, Virginia (later West Virginia) from the 1720’s or 1730’s through the 1890s. There are stories of warfare with and abduction by Indians and the Civil War, lists of slaves owned by Col. James Graham (who built the Graham house, which still stands, and remains one of the oldest two-story structures west of the Alleghenies), and many other tidbits.

For Grahams of the Valley of Virginia, who migrated across the Alleghenies into what is now Greenbrier, Monroe, and Summers Counties, West Virginia, this is a seminal work. While un-sourced, the book contains a lot of detail, including transcriptions of wills and other documents, which can be validated with original sources.

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