I am beginning to post transcriptions and documents on this site.

My first transcription is of David Graham’s History of the Graham Family (privately printed: Clayton, West Virginia, 1899). This book, authored by my my second great grand uncle at the age of 78, is an invaluable resource. While David Graham did not source his materials, there are some referenced items that can easily be found in court records, such as wills and deeds. The book is well written, and the author had a fair sense of humor and whimsy. It is also a book of its time, and so there are racial, ethnic, and historical notions that do not fit with how we see the world today. For example, he spends a fair amount of time explaining that the Grahams, while being “Scotch-Irish” were not at all “Irish.”

Tonight, I am posting the first 21 pages of the 119-page volume. The rest of the book will follow shortly, as will other transcriptions.

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